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October 19, 2018

Early Implementation of the New Meal Patterns

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  1. Click here for a list of meal pattern components that CAN be implemented now.

    Note: any changes not on this list need to wait until October 1, 2017, if you are not sure if something can be started early, let us know we are happy to answer any questions.

  2. Most meal pattern components can simply be started and do not require any changes in Minute Menu. However, there are a couple items that do.
    • Soy yogurt and tofu have now been added to Minute Menu for meat/meat alternates
    • Ready to eat breakfast cereal has been added to the infant meal pattern at snack
    • Eggs and yogurt have been added to the infant meal pattern at lunch/supper

  3. To record a meat/meat alternate at breakfast (up to three times per week). Go to the “Make a Meal” screen. Select “breakfast…. (meat, cheese, dried beans, egg, nut butter, yogurt)” By selecting the “Breakfast” meat type this will count toward the grain component at breakfast.