Grassy Egg Heads

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  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Stapler
  • Empty Egg Shell
  • Coffee Grounds or Dirt
  • Grass Seed
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush


  • Cut a strip of cardboard and glue or staple its ends together to make a stand for the eggshell.
  • Cut off top fourth of the eggshell.
  • Paint a face on the eggshell and place it in the stand.
  • Fill the egg with coffee grounds or dirt.
  • Sprinkle about one teaspoon of grass seeds into the coffee grounds/dirt and dampen with water.
  • Cover the Egg Heads with plastic wrap (to simulate a greenhouse) and keep moist and out of direct sunlight for about one week.
  • As grass begins to grow, take off the plastic wrap and put in the sun.
  • The grass growing will look like hair on the Egg Head's head.