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Not Home-Closed Notice - Providers Choice

PCI Providers:

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Not Home or Closed? Please Let us Know!

Just a reminder to all providers: Federal regulations require that child care providers notify their Food Program sponsors, in advance when:
  • their day care will be closed (example: vacation, illness etc.) excluding national holidays
  • they will be away from the day care with all the children during a meal service time as listed on their food program application (example: going to the park during lunch time or snack time)
We have multiple advance notification options.   Select the one(s) that works best for you:

Option 1: Submit a notice in KidKare:

Select the "Calendar" tab on the left side of the page, then select the "Provider" tab and drag the "Closed for Business" or "Off-Site Meal" icons to the appropriate calendar date. You can then specify the meals you are closed/not home for by clicking the icon on the calendar and selecting the appropriate meals.

Option 2: Contact the PCI Office:

Phone: 800-356-5983 or 952-944-7010
Option 3: Email or call your Field Representative:
Please contact us with any questions.
PCI Team!