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Parent's Food Program Questions - Providers Choice

Parent's Food Program Questions

Why does my provider participate on the USDA Food Program?

The USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program benefits providers by providing:
  • Cash reimbursement for nutritious meals and snacks
  • Visits from a Field Representative to make sure they are following the Food Program rules and regulations and offer support
  • Training to keep them up-to-date on the latest research on child nutrition.

Why do I have to fill out this Household Income Statement?

The amount of the cash reimbursement depends on the household income of the families of the children in care, among other factors. The Household Income Statement is used to determine the amount of the cash reimbursement your provider will receive.

Why do I have to complete this child enrollment form?

Providers Choice is responsible for making sure that providers are receiving cash reimbursement for the correct children and that the children are in the correct category for age and reimbursement rate. The child enrollment forms are completed yearly to keep records up to date.

Why does my provider serve all the meal components at the same time?

Offering all parts of the meal at the same time allows children to develop healthy eating skills. They can learn to explore new foods in a non-threatening environment and learn that all food groups are important for a healthy meal. For more about feeding children in a way that helps them develop healthy eating skills, visit

What Food Program requirements does my child care provider have to follow?

Child care providers who participate in the USDA Food Program need to:

  • Offer the Food Program to all the children in their care
  • Keep their paperwork up-to-date
  • Serve meals that follow the USDA Meal Pattern Requirements
  • Participate in nutrition training
  • Open their home to monitoring visits