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Health and Safety

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Tips for helping children stay healthy when in contact with household pets.
Babies who sleep on their backs experience fewer infections.
SIDS deaths have fallen almost 40% since 1994 due in large part to awareness created by the AAP statement and Back to Sleep campaign. This article from The Association for the Education of Young Children shares campaign information as well as additional tips on preventing SIDS.
This room by room safety evaulation tool for childcare homes is a great resource for new providers and a helpful reminder for experienced providers.
Handwashing is the single, most effective step a person can take to prevent the spread of germs. Children are especially vulnerable to illness, so it's important to instill the handwashing habit at a young age.
Updated advice to help keep kids safe.
Important information on keeping yourself and your daycare children safe from E. coli.
Suggestions for what to feed children who are ill or recovering from illness.
Tips to help you grill safely the next time you are ready to start grilling!
February is dental health month. Learn more about how you can help your daycare kids maintain their healthy smile!
Children are at higher risk for foodborne illness, which is a serious and sometimes fatal illness. Information on what you can do to reduce the chance of food borne illness in your child care is shared.
Caring for children at a working farm calls for special precautions.
June through August are the peak months for the onset of Lyme disease. Learn more about keeping your kids safe from disease-carrying ticks this summer.
The benefits of naptime for providers.
It is normal to feel frustrated when caring for an infant that cries continually. Find appropriate ways to deal with your feelings and avoid tragedy.
Feeding the curious mind of a child is a serious responsibility. Childcare providers can play a vital role in satisfying a youngster's hunger for knowledge.
Protect the children in your care from toxic chemicals that can be found in some art projects.
Keep your little ones safe and warm when they play outside this winter.
Useful safety information for preventing accidents in your childcare home.
Summer really is awesome, but childcare providers may have some questions about rules and regulations. Find answers about wading pools and activities away from daycare here.
Your actions this summer could prevent skin cancer in your daycare childrens' future,
Make the necessary task of diaper duty a little nicer with these tips.
Find out what impacts healthy tooth development and how you can help children care for their smiles.
Tips on how to respond to common symptoms of infant illness.
Facts and tips to help you be prepared for tornado season.
Advise for helping children stay fit and safe.
FOod born illness may be more common than you think. Are you tkaing the right steps to prevent it in your daycare?
Choking is one of the more common causes of accidental death in the home. Discover which foods and household items can be risky for young children.
Tips to inspire taking care of your heart.