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Meet Our Team - Providers Choice

Meet our Team

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Teresa Wood

Field Representative
With Providers Choice since 1991

Phone: (612) 743-5316

Serving Dakota county.

What is your background in child care and/or early childhood education?
I have a bachelor's degree in social work with an emphasis on working with children in the elementary school age group. I have also done in home child care and been a helper in at least 3 other in home daycare settings. I have had training in many areas of early childhood education, most recently in the area of childhood nutrition with both the Twist and Sprout LANA program and in my position of Field Representative with Providers Choice.

What are your favorite parts of your job as a Field Representative?
As a Field Representative for Providers Choice I enjoy interacting with in home child care providers and acting as both an educator in the area of childhood nutrition and as a support person for encouraging these professionals in their field. I also enjoy interacting with the children that I meet each day and doing what I can to encourage them in developing their eating skills in a fun way.