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2023 FOOD PROGRAM TRAINING - Healthy Habits Count

February 15, 2023
By Katie Chatfield, Nutrition Manager

Training icon As we continue marching into 2023, it’s already February which means it’s time for Food Program training! This year’s theme is Healthy Habits Count.

What is Food Program Training?
Every year, Providers Choice delivers comprehensive nutrition training, covering topics such as Food Program requirements, food safety, serving local foods and more. This training meets your annual CACFP training requirement, and gives you two hours of Develop-approved continuing education.

This year’s training—Healthy Habits Count—takes place during two-hour virtual workshops via Zoom. While you only need to attend one workshop, these workshops are offered multiple times throughout the month of February. Each workshop is the same content, but held at many different times to give you the flexibility to pick which time works best for you. Providers Choice Field Representatives will rotate leading the workshops. Healthy Habits Count kicks off on February 2 and concludes on March 4.

Healthy Habits Count
This year’s food program training is focused on adopting healthy habits. The early years of children’s lives are an important time to establish positive eating habits, along with other overall healthy habits such as brushing teeth, washing hands, etc. It is much easier to implement these routines earlier in life than fix them later!

This year’s Food Program training workshops focus on building healthy habits through the 5-2-1-0 framework, created by the CDC.

5 servings of fruits and veggies every day
2 bite club to support selective eaters (Adventurous Eaters In Training)
1 hour of physical activity every day
0 artificially-sweetened beverages

During the workshop, we break down these elements and help providers establish healthy habits for kids that align with the 5-2-1-0 framework. Best of all, these pillars support and reinforce the Food Program guidelines!

Why attend?
The benefits of attending online Food Program training go beyond meeting your annual training requirements. These live, interactive workshops give you a chance to connect with fellow providers and share tips, stories and support! The virtual format allows for dynamic Q&A and more engagement. It’s fun! It’s helpful! It’s convenient.

Plus—establishing healthy habits helps you minimize errors so you can maximize your monthly Food Program benefit.

Best of all? It’s completely free, and open to anyone (not just Providers Choice providers)!

Register for Healthy Habits Count
Ready to get signed up? Do it! You’re going to love it.

Click here to view the schedule and register for the workshop.
See you there!