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RESOURCE GUIDE - Resources for Supporting Children

March 1, 2023
By Katie Chatfield, MPH, RDN, LD, Nutrition Manager

At Providers Choice, we are dedicated to prioritizing the health and nutrition of children while supporting providers who take care of them.

Being a provider isn't an easy job. You’re keeping children healthy and safe, but you’re also running a business. And you need trustworthy information! We can help.

From feeding the children, to licensing and continuing education, there are many variables to getting it right. PCI has a library of resources that support family child care programs and child care centers. Categories include meal patterns and creditable foods, allergies, shopping lists like creditable cereals and yogurts, recipes, CACFP forms and more.
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What resources are available to you?
To give you a better understanding of what resources are available to you from Providers Choice, here is a list of our resource types by category.

CACFP Materials
CACFP Meal Information
Child Activities
Child Curricula
Twist & Sprout recipes and menu templates

Resources are FREE to you!
These resources are available to you for free in our resources area. We are adding to this list all the time. If you have any questions, or would like to request a specific resource please let us know!