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Our Mission and Values

Since 1985, we have been fostering children’s health by supporting and promoting growth among providers who serve healthy meals and snacks to children.

Gail Birch
Our History

Providers Choice has been a proud sponsor of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) since 1985. Our organization was started by Gail Birch who now serves as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. Providers Choice has gone from operating from Gail's kitchen table to one of the largest Food Program sponsors in the United States.

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Our Mission

To promote healthy nutrition for children by securing reimbursements and funding from federal nutrition programs and grants to provide program payments, education, training and technical assistance to help child care providers operate successful businesses while ethically prioritizing the health and wellness of children.

Our Core Values

When we say we are passionate about children, we mean it. Everything we do is fueled by doing right by kiddos. It’s ingrained in everything we do, everything we say and every decision we make. We are always looking to work with others who share in this passion for children, and consistently prioritize their wellbeing.

We go above and beyond just “having” integrity. If anything, and we mean anything isn’t done right on behalf of children, we will not do it. If that means we get fewer partnerships or make less money, so be it. The children are the priority. There is no gray area.

This isn’t easy work. We’re a nonprofit with big responsibilities. Being advocates for children’s nutrition comes with sacrifice, hard conversations and “fighting the good fight.” It isn’t for everyone, but it’s for us.

When laws change or policies are announced, we are at the forefront. We dive right in, make sense of it and provide guidance to child care centers and home care providers on how it affects their business and the children.


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